25 October 2012

Seasoned With Ideas

Here are a few more Spooktacular Ideas you may want to incorporate in your classroom!

We read "Aaaargh Spider!" by Lydia Monks & sang "There's a Spider on the Floor". Using our handprints & sparkly black paint, affixed to spider web prints & finally embellished with black glitter and sequins we created our very own 'Aargh Spiders'


Each of our 'Lil Pumkins painted a puzzle piece of our class pumpkin, glitter glued witches & "Drat!" read the team building picture book, "Big Pumpkin" by Erica Silverman. It was Spooktacular!

The class agreed that our favorite color of the season is ORANGE! So we just had to work together to color and adorn our Orange poster with as many orange embellishments we could find.

Tactile Scarecrows stood tall among 3D Spiders. 

Stay Spooky & Especially Safe :)

There Are Witches In The Air

Oh My! It's getting late as the five little pumpkins sat at the gate! 

Our Halloween offering may be a bit late getting here, but it's definitely Spooktacular! This petrifying packet provides the two~page mysterious "Behind The Dark & Dreaded Door" writer's graphic organizer with writing prompts that will go bump in the night, a pumpkin filled with Haunted Adjectives to jolt the creative juices with more writing ideas and the two~page Haunted House to help illustrate your spooky stories.

In addition, our Mini Me Paper Dolls are back with a wonderful trick~or~treat witch and/or mummy costume to dress up in; definitely a bulletin board favorite for displaying your children.

You can download this Halloween horror packet at Teachers Pay Teachers today. Happy Halloween!

18 October 2012

Make Your Own Monster

If your children can't sit still in anticipation of the season's spookiest of days that lie ahead. This designer activity provides a creative outlet to quell that autumn ancy~ness. 

When my second~grader brought one of my monster doodles to school with her and her teacher intriguingly borrowed it as an activity for her fellow classmates to work on, it became a graveyard smash!

You can now download our Halloween Monster Kit at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Happy Halloween!

03 October 2012

Choo Choo To The Imagination Station

All Aboard! Our passengers have taken their seats and are eager to arrive at their next destination; The Imagination Station!  

The start of the new school year took off as we Choo~Choo'ed our way on the right track. Even 'Thomas the Train' joined in on the fun!

Together, we read the lyrical onomatopoeia filled pages of "The Goodnight Train" by June Sobel. Our literary little one's LOVE chiming in to the significant sounds of the train! It was a delightful Chugga~Venture!!

Our little chugga~venturers each contributed to our station scene and decorated their own Train Conductor Hats, then painted Boxcars and finally copper painted "Bb" is for Bear posable Teddy Bears. 

This was definitely a trip well worth the tip of Sir Toppam Hat's hat. All Aboard!!!

Look for our "Bb" is for Bear posable Teddy Bear & Train Conductor Hat at our Tpt store to download for your children.

18 September 2012

Hands Off Of My Monster!

Hears a Spooky Sneak Peek at our newest thematic writing package. Your children will be thrilled with this Monster Menagerie that is coming soon!!

This language arts packet will definitely "haunt" your classroom with a Haunted House Virtual Tour graphic organizer, our Jack~o~Lantern of Haunted Adjectives starter pumpkin, the Dark & Dreaded Door writer's prompt organizer, our Create A Crystal Ball of Fortunes, a Make Your Own Monster Kit, the newest Trick~o~Treat Paper Doll set & our Haunted Hang~Man Word Game.

Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

14 August 2012

We Are Super!!

What could be more empowering than transforming your child into an amazingly invincible Super Hero?!?!  You will visibly see the leaps and bounds they take once they take on the world with their Super Hero personalities.

Our Amazing Avengers came together and we read all about Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman's "Super Hero Joe", then we brainstormed ways in which we can prepare to be safe ourselves.  Knowing Mom and Dad's phone number, keeping our shoes tied, not talking to strangers and looking both ways before crossing the street are a few examples of our Be Safe Brainstorm contributions. There were so many great ideas which can easily be put into practice now that we've shared them and help to keep each other safe.

Each of my Super Heroes also shared what makes them "Super" as individuals. This was an excellent opportunity to celebrate each child's unique talents and special gifts. Their extraordinary declarations, "I Am Super Because..." became an extra special statement for each of our Super Heroes.   They were ready to take on the world and to create their very own Onomatopoeia; words which describe and imitate sounds. And 'Kachow!' each child created more spectacular Super Hero Adjectives and sensational Onomatopoeias. It Was EPIC!!!

Before we realized it, there became many wonderful tales of saving the day for each of my Marvelous Marvels complete with beginning, middle and Super Hero endings.  They couldn't resist illustrating their imaginative tales with our Photo Essay graphic organizer. There were so many inspiring stories that spoke of conquering those random childhood fears like the fear of losing their first tooth or the fear of playing on the monkey bars. It's those simple things that we take for granted as adults however, they are certainly a big deal for a six or seven year old. In creating their own Super Hero, they became more confident in their abilities and especially empowered in their self esteem.

This twelve page thematic unit includes tools for your children to increase their awareness about how to plan on being safe, explores story telling and engages them in recognizing their own unique abilities.

14 July 2012

Fate Knocked Down The Door

Have you ever had a giant carrot dangle ridiculously in front of your nose? Fate has an obvious way of happening to me more than once in my life. However this time, the carrot was ominously huge! 

Ultimately Kid Created
As a teacher, I absolutely love doing what I do! It's really quite simple, my heart shines when the children shine too. These little performers do it all!  From creating their own costumes with whatever raw materials are available, to crafting their own props and to painting their own showcase banners, they make their entire offering ultimately kid created. 

In producing charming musical performances for children and their parents such as mini versions of Disney's and Pixar's The Lion King, Cars and The Little Mermaid and in the aftermath, several parents have approached and encouraged me to create a venue for this. Since then, I've never dismissed the idea as being an impossibility.  It's exciting to be on this journey and to discover what can be and really is possible! So stay tuned, there's definitely more to come! :)

09 July 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

Captain Chanel At The Helm
A Pirate's Life For All
Our Port Side Pirates were ready at the helm! We sang along with our favorite sea~faring song 'Port Side Pirates' by Oscar Seaworthy & our first mates roared overboard in creating their very own Mini Me Pirates*. They cut, then painted The Learning Studio Bug's Mini Me Paper Doll & painted them with flesh colored poster paint. Our little pirates designed their pirate regalia complete with pirate hats & scarves. They applied their 'patched~up'  mugs and glued their attire on top of the paper dolls. ...And over the deep blue sea they sailed!

*Now you can download The Learning Studio Bug's Pirate Mini Me at Teachers Pay Teachers! Key word: Pirate Mini Me Paper Doll

08 July 2012

Mini Me Paper Dolls

Swimsuit Mini Me Paper Dolls
Our Learning Studio Beach Bugs were a buzz with excitement in creating their very own Mini Me Paper Dolls! Children painted paper doll bodies using flesh colored poster paint. They uniquely designed their swim suits ~ complete with sunglasses & big floppy hats. They affixed their gleaming smiles & adorned their paper doll mini me's. Life's certainly a beach when the children dressed up our summer bulletin board. It was a beach party palooza!!

*You can download our Mini Me Paper Dolls from the Learning Studio Bug store at Teachers Pay Teachers!

07 July 2012

Fathoms Below

Fathoms Below
Children each made their own costumes. My ambitious little 'merfolk' glitter painted mermaid flippers, customized individual seashell necklaces and floral crowns. All of their hard work in building their costumes and rehearsing musical choreography culminated into our Little Mermaid production.

Scuba Diving Photo Booth

A Watery Wave in Her ZootZoot
Children painted their very own Flotsam & Jetsam Photo Booth for their Deep Sea Diver photo shots. It was a sea worthy sensation! 

*Our hand~drawn outline of the Scuba Diver is now available for free in our store at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Sunny Submersible Smiles

U.S.S. Learning Studio Bug & Captain Chanel
Our sailors water colored submarines and snapped their super sailor smiles for their One-of-a-kind subs.

06 July 2012

Ultimately Kid Created

As both a parent and a teacher, I love seeing children's individuality within their own creations. Often times, we see a craft load of look alike projects. Our children should avoid falling into the cookie cutter habit of making arts and crafts to look like all the other ones. I love encouraging them to explore their own style of creating without the pressure of trying to be like everyone else. Their creations and art projects should reflect who they are as individuals and showcase their personal gifts. Their work should be Ultimately Kid Created.

May Pole Mini Me's
In my effort to embrace this philosophy, I set about designing art projects and lesson plans that provide a venue for each child to explore and discover their own individual style. I hope that you will find new and unique projects within my offering that will engage and promote Ultimately Kid Created ideas for your children to use.