14 July 2012

Fate Knocked Down The Door

Have you ever had a giant carrot dangle ridiculously in front of your nose? Fate has an obvious way of happening to me more than once in my life. However this time, the carrot was ominously huge! 

Ultimately Kid Created
As a teacher, I absolutely love doing what I do! It's really quite simple, my heart shines when the children shine too. These little performers do it all!  From creating their own costumes with whatever raw materials are available, to crafting their own props and to painting their own showcase banners, they make their entire offering ultimately kid created. 

In producing charming musical performances for children and their parents such as mini versions of Disney's and Pixar's The Lion King, Cars and The Little Mermaid and in the aftermath, several parents have approached and encouraged me to create a venue for this. Since then, I've never dismissed the idea as being an impossibility.  It's exciting to be on this journey and to discover what can be and really is possible! So stay tuned, there's definitely more to come! :)

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