09 July 2012

A Pirate's Life For Me

Captain Chanel At The Helm
A Pirate's Life For All
Our Port Side Pirates were ready at the helm! We sang along with our favorite sea~faring song 'Port Side Pirates' by Oscar Seaworthy & our first mates roared overboard in creating their very own Mini Me Pirates*. They cut, then painted The Learning Studio Bug's Mini Me Paper Doll & painted them with flesh colored poster paint. Our little pirates designed their pirate regalia complete with pirate hats & scarves. They applied their 'patched~up'  mugs and glued their attire on top of the paper dolls. ...And over the deep blue sea they sailed!

*Now you can download The Learning Studio Bug's Pirate Mini Me at Teachers Pay Teachers! Key word: Pirate Mini Me Paper Doll

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