03 October 2012

Choo Choo To The Imagination Station

All Aboard! Our passengers have taken their seats and are eager to arrive at their next destination; The Imagination Station!  

The start of the new school year took off as we Choo~Choo'ed our way on the right track. Even 'Thomas the Train' joined in on the fun!

Together, we read the lyrical onomatopoeia filled pages of "The Goodnight Train" by June Sobel. Our literary little one's LOVE chiming in to the significant sounds of the train! It was a delightful Chugga~Venture!!

Our little chugga~venturers each contributed to our station scene and decorated their own Train Conductor Hats, then painted Boxcars and finally copper painted "Bb" is for Bear posable Teddy Bears. 

This was definitely a trip well worth the tip of Sir Toppam Hat's hat. All Aboard!!!

Look for our "Bb" is for Bear posable Teddy Bear & Train Conductor Hat at our Tpt store to download for your children.

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