05 September 2013

In The Mix One Step At a Time :)

Typically I'm the type that loves to have a running start. I do get a bit impatient while my initiative is "Gung Ho" and I Really wish to just get going, I still must remember to slow down, pace myself and be reminded that all things will happen in good time.

So going forward (at an even keel), we kicked off our literature reading Julie Danneberg's, "First Day Jitters". As we shared our jitters, worries and tell~tale excitement, we also toasted to the new school year with a complimentary drink called "Jitter Juice" to wet our whistles. Our version of a Shirley Temple broke the ice and became a most welcomed refreshment!

So I dawned my best Martha Stewart hat and the children made careful review of our recipe as we each made our own drink. Afterwards, the children recounted the ingredients and wrote each step in the process which culminated into a fun expository writing kit. It was indeed refreshing! The children were in tune to carefully mixing it up each step of the way. I was so proud of them!

Download Kit
Click Image to Download Kit

As Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing!"  (I think she would be quite proud of me:).
Cheers! :)

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