26 October 2013

Mixing it Up

We've really stirred it up in our classroom cauldron! My monster mixers made many concoctions. From sprouting pumpkin seeds, creating wonderful Witches Brews, writing Monsters~On~The~Move descriptive stories and making estimates with candy corn to guiding their big buddies on How To Make Apple Pie.

And now we're off to the Pumpkin Patch, some tennis and Disney's Passport To Adventure with my lil Chi~Chi's!

Felicidades Semanas!


05 October 2013

All For One And One For All! But Does It Float the Boat??

Known for being the lightest and the fluffiest candy bar on the block, will the Three Muskateers Chocolate Bar FLOAT UP to the test???

{Click Image To Download For Free}

My students stepped up to the challenge! Our SWEET investigation began with the afore mentioned bite~sized chocolate bar and several cups of tap water.

We asked our "fluffy" questions and made our "fluffy" hypothesis.

The results were "FLUFF"ULOUS!