26 February 2014

Looking For Some Lucky Lettering???

Well, you’re in Luck!

I created my very own Rockin Shamrock Font! It only took me all evening last night. And on top of that to upload it to my Tpt store. 

Just click this link to get there.

Yes, at last! It’s all zipped up and ready to go. And It’s Free!

And Happy (upcoming) St. Patrick’s Day!

12 February 2014

Be A Super Word Search Sleuth!

The clues are hidden. But my super sleuths are on the case!

Today we began searching for our spelling words. So I blew up a large scale version and laminated it to  walk them through this mysterious puzzle of letters.

Soon, my lil kinders were well on their way to solving the mystery of our missing spelling words! And this super sleuthing spelling unit will soon be available on my Tpt Store, so stay tuned for more!

It was so much fun to work with them on this case! Once they found all of their spelling words, they got to sign and fingerprint our class Super Word Search Sleuth log. Once they've reached the end of the spelling unit and earned all of their fingerprints, they will earn their Detective Inspector Super Spelling Word Search Sleuth Badge.

And "My Dear Watson", they are well on their way to working toward such an honored reward! 

10 February 2014

Watch Out For Our Challenge Words!!!

My lil kinders are starting something new this new year!
They're practicing their first set of spelling words. Their list is a mere ten words and on top of that, they also have a bigger "challenge" word to tackle. 
To introduce the words, we've separated them by syllables and sounded them out upon our arms, hop~scotched them on our Elkonin boxes and pieced them together from our word scramble.

They've also made their own Bonus Word Wrist Watch. The watch will help to remind them how to spell their Challenge Word for the week. Each wrote their name on the wrist band, designed and colored it. They turned out delightfully cute and each made them in such a "timely" manner :-)
They will definitely "watch out" for the spelling of their Challenge Words. So, here's to the good times ahead in spelling!
What spelling fun are you using in your classroom? We would love to hear!

07 January 2014

Snow People! With Polka Dots & Stripes Yes, Please!

How refreshing it is to jump right into a new year! And so it is in making snowmen art (no matter what kind of medium it is in; be it painting, pastels, utilizing textured parts or plain old construction paper) ~ Seeing those jolly smiles upon the finished snowmen faces are ALWAYS a refreshing sight to see! They are just simply ADORABLE! 

I was so enamored with their adorableness last winter, that I decorated my entire living room and guest bath in winter snow people. I had snowman soap dispensers, snowman night lights, snowman banners, snowman blocks and snowman plaques and snowman throw pillows. The snowman list goes on people and doesn't stop there ~ I'm sorry to say. 

I just couldn't get enough of them! This winter, I have a handle on this little addiction (but don't hold your breath!). All it takes is another adorable snowman sighting at the store and I can't hold back ~ it becomes A. Must. Have.

So of course, I had my kinders craft up some snow people of their own ;-)

And they absolutely LOVED making them. 
Our art period became like
They couldn't wait to make them too!

The original snow people idea came from Jennifer White @FirstGradeBlueSkies. Thank you FGBS! I tweaked it a tad by turning it into a snowman glyph pattern. And the kiddos were all over it!! I was most proud of how they  followed directions to perfection. They came out 
Snow. Uber. Cute. :-)

Way to go KC Kinders!!!

05 January 2014

A Brand New Year!


We're taking in the last bit of our winter break. These are my two fun loving snow flakes. From iceland skates to biking and hiking, we definitely had a whirlwind of a winter break time together.

Now it's a brand new year! A chance for new beginnings and fresh starts. And it certainly is in my case. I am stepping out of the Second Grade Parade and jumping right back into the Cutie Pie Cool Kinders. I am so jazzed about getting in there! 

So much exciting learning to share! I'm a big advocate over creating a high~tech classroom. Especially since our little mini masters need to be adequately prepared to thrive in this information age. So I have, been and constantly are researching various apps and programs to implement for my little cuties. I feel like a tech sponge with the amount of fantastic finds which I come across almost daily in my quest. Indeed, my ipads are charged and ready to go! Now I simply just can't wait to get them started!

It is already destined to be an amazing new year!