07 January 2014

Snow People! With Polka Dots & Stripes Yes, Please!

How refreshing it is to jump right into a new year! And so it is in making snowmen art (no matter what kind of medium it is in; be it painting, pastels, utilizing textured parts or plain old construction paper) ~ Seeing those jolly smiles upon the finished snowmen faces are ALWAYS a refreshing sight to see! They are just simply ADORABLE! 

I was so enamored with their adorableness last winter, that I decorated my entire living room and guest bath in winter snow people. I had snowman soap dispensers, snowman night lights, snowman banners, snowman blocks and snowman plaques and snowman throw pillows. The snowman list goes on people and doesn't stop there ~ I'm sorry to say. 

I just couldn't get enough of them! This winter, I have a handle on this little addiction (but don't hold your breath!). All it takes is another adorable snowman sighting at the store and I can't hold back ~ it becomes A. Must. Have.

So of course, I had my kinders craft up some snow people of their own ;-)

And they absolutely LOVED making them. 
Our art period became like
They couldn't wait to make them too!

The original snow people idea came from Jennifer White @FirstGradeBlueSkies. Thank you FGBS! I tweaked it a tad by turning it into a snowman glyph pattern. And the kiddos were all over it!! I was most proud of how they  followed directions to perfection. They came out 
Snow. Uber. Cute. :-)

Way to go KC Kinders!!!

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