10 February 2014

Watch Out For Our Challenge Words!!!

My lil kinders are starting something new this new year!
They're practicing their first set of spelling words. Their list is a mere ten words and on top of that, they also have a bigger "challenge" word to tackle. 
To introduce the words, we've separated them by syllables and sounded them out upon our arms, hop~scotched them on our Elkonin boxes and pieced them together from our word scramble.

They've also made their own Bonus Word Wrist Watch. The watch will help to remind them how to spell their Challenge Word for the week. Each wrote their name on the wrist band, designed and colored it. They turned out delightfully cute and each made them in such a "timely" manner :-)
They will definitely "watch out" for the spelling of their Challenge Words. So, here's to the good times ahead in spelling!
What spelling fun are you using in your classroom? We would love to hear!

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