27 February 2015

Recipe For Creative Classroom Concoctions

There really aren't enough hours in the day. So, I squeezed in a belated Valentine's Snack Measurement & Writing Activity with my students this week. My littles have been especially enthusiastic as we have embarked on such an active quest together this school year. It has definitely been a productive journey to share with them.

As a result, the pathway yet ahead of us is bursting with brightness, exponential growth and a plethora of emerging possibilities! 

I've developed some fun pieces which complimented my kinder curriculum in an almost epic way. My students' parents told me how impressed they were with their children's growth, development and more importantly, how much their children loved coming to school every day!

I am polishing off my humble little offerings and will soon have them up and loaded for FREE! Inspiration for these kinder creations has culminated into some very engaging classroom concoctions. Ideas for these additions evolved from drawings and doodles I had created on late nights after my children were tucked into bed and then applied to existing ideas with my own spin on them. Such as the Valen"time" Whales Time Pieces, Turning 100 Classbook, 100 Days Smarter Hat & Cookie Labels, Leap Into Love Craftivity & Jar of Kindness Tag to name a few.

They were favorites for my kiddos and certain to be for yours too, so I can't wait to share them!

Each year is different depending upon my students' needs, strengths and weaknesses. I especially love to include specific parent's requests and suggestions into the curriculum as they are essential partners involved in their child's learning. So I do tweak a lot along the way. Expect more tweaking as my own preferences grow and develop in turn. I'm always learning right alongside of my mini-masters. It is necessary to keep everything fresh, up-to-date and engaging for these very savvy youngsters. And, they are indeed super savvy!  

I hope that you do stay tuned and tag along for the fun that hovers ahead :)

24 February 2015

Is It Me Or Did The Month Of February Just Fly By?

Time seems to fly by faster and faster. There's no stopping it, so I'm snatching up that eight ball and quickening my usual pace.

Not only did my Kinders single handedly master 100 of several activities, but Valentine's Day whisked by us with bionic speed and Chinese New Year followed close behind with President's Day nipping at it's heels. 

Big, deep, catch-up breath now! Whew! 

And now it's on to Dental Health for 16 sweet little smiles in my classroom. Our next door neighbor, Dr. Lee DDS would be proud to hear that we're slowing down to learn more about his specialty.

Here are some highlights from the latest ...

Each of my Kinders wrote about what they will be doing when they turn 100 years old.

Ce~le~bra~tion Time, Come On!

100th Day Activities In Full Swing!

Leaping Into Love {*wink*wink*}

Our Jar of Kindness Continues To Grow Daily When Random Acts Of Kindness Occur. It Just Goes To Show How Big~O~Hearts My Lil Kinders Have <3

The Valen~"TIME" Flew By Fast!

Then Time For Some Noodle Know How ~ Yummm!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

09 February 2015

All Systems Go!

Hello there! 

Yes, it has been a while and I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s been ridiculously BUSY! And although I know that is no excuse to non-blog, yet so much has happened. Life...life happens and we must forge ahead. I have, however, been at least keeping one ear to the ground.

I have missed it all; the pinning, the Instagram-ing, the posting. Yet, my priorities have held their focus on my awesome children, my newly wedded awesome husband and my awesome job! I love, Love, LOVE THEM!

In light of all that, I’ve also kept my wheels turning and creativity churning and home fires burning with prepping and developing my kinder curriculum. That, in itself, has kept me tremendously busy!!!

Here are some of our latest ...

Brushing Up On Math 

One of Our Future Presidential Hopefuls :)

Rock Star Spelling Center fun :)

Our Mad Science Lab Concoctions :)

Pure Wedding Bliss :)

Our HoneyMoon :)  Ooh La La!!!

Children's Books in French I brought back for my class :)

Back to Work :)

Pajama Party!

My Ticket To Ride :)

T With The V :)

Givin' Thanks Feasters :)

Proud To Be An American :)

Spider Anchor Chart Chat

Tip of the iceberg in a nutshell version for now. Late night and need some Zzzzz's.......(Yawn!!!)

Nite All !!!