24 February 2015

Is It Me Or Did The Month Of February Just Fly By?

Time seems to fly by faster and faster. There's no stopping it, so I'm snatching up that eight ball and quickening my usual pace.

Not only did my Kinders single handedly master 100 of several activities, but Valentine's Day whisked by us with bionic speed and Chinese New Year followed close behind with President's Day nipping at it's heels. 

Big, deep, catch-up breath now! Whew! 

And now it's on to Dental Health for 16 sweet little smiles in my classroom. Our next door neighbor, Dr. Lee DDS would be proud to hear that we're slowing down to learn more about his specialty.

Here are some highlights from the latest ...

Each of my Kinders wrote about what they will be doing when they turn 100 years old.

Ce~le~bra~tion Time, Come On!

100th Day Activities In Full Swing!

Leaping Into Love {*wink*wink*}

Our Jar of Kindness Continues To Grow Daily When Random Acts Of Kindness Occur. It Just Goes To Show How Big~O~Hearts My Lil Kinders Have <3

The Valen~"TIME" Flew By Fast!

Then Time For Some Noodle Know How ~ Yummm!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

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