23 March 2015

Sharing. Kindness. Repeat. Sharing. Kindness. Repeat.

There's always room for more. Hence, the continuation of our Random Acts Of Kindness incentive in my kinder classroom.

My little sweet hearts have displayed the biggest hearts of gold. They are consistently filling our Kindness Jar with more and more hearts every day. 

One example of their kind thoughtfulness is for each other when a friend is in need of help or has accidentally spilled their box of crayons, they did not hesitate to lend a pair of helping hands.

Another act of kindness has been for complete strangers in collecting and bringing in their spare pocket change and donating these funds (no matter how big or small) to help raise monetary assistance for them.

Whenever a random act of kindness occurs, we drop a heart shaped token into our jar. It has continued to grow even though RAK Week has already passed. This has brought a sense of pride and overwhelming appreciation for my kinders who have proven they have the biggest little hearts of all!

18 March 2015

Splendid Spelling

My kiddos are turning into such savvy spellers!

We're tackling a new list of spelling words each week. They have stepped up to the challenge and really hit it out of the ballpark!

Each week my splendid spellers practice intensely with various spelling tools and strategies. Here are a few of the fun devices we use in our spelling spectrum.

Squeeble iPad Speller

Steller Speller Stamping

Stencil & Spell

Catch My Spelling Words

Spell Gel

Stretchie Snake Spelling

Spell It Pipeline 

06 March 2015

Rainbow Rave Rememberance

Red, orange, green and blue
Shiny yellow, purple too.
All the colors that we know
Live inside a Rainbow!

Our kinder class rainbow is special; And not just because it's different or because it's in 3D. It's special because I taught these very same kiddos when they were just three years old. At that time, they each took part in a whole weeks worth of color crafts to make this rainbow.

Each day, we learned about a new color and each day, we created a fun and Yes, colorful craft.

We stipple painted the seeds onto our felt strawberries for red. 

We painted and pinched toilet paper rolls orange, then glued green zig-zag ribbon for leafy greens at the top to look like freshly harvested carrots. 

We glued green pom~pons on the inside of die~cut edamame. 

We mosaic tiled the wings of blue jays for blue. 

We washi~taped the feathers of fabric canaries for yellow. 

And we matched symmetrical buttons on butterfly wings for purple.

To be able to hang the very same rainbow (including a very special sponge~painted bear) in my now, kinder classroom and have the privilege of teaching the very same cutie pies once again is quite unique!  I will remember them always :) 

04 March 2015


Well...just as quickly as The Cat In His Hat came and went, so did Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration!

My kiddos were thrilled to jump start our week with this mischievous feline. So much so, that they even dawned their own red-and-white stripes and wispy whiskers.  It wasn't long before we had our very own Cats A through O calling upon Z to spread some 'VOOM!"

We made our own rhyme lines and read more of the great doctor's famous literature for inspiration. Then, each of my little "Who's" picked their favorites.

They became such big fans of Cat Z, that VIOLA!  Va~VOOM! Their directed drawings  (inspired by the wonderfully endearing First Grade Blue Skies) were overnight masterpieces. 

"If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good!" ~ Dr. Seuss

It was a most definitely "Seuss" ~ Tastic time! Va ~ VOOM!!!