06 March 2015

Rainbow Rave Rememberance

Red, orange, green and blue
Shiny yellow, purple too.
All the colors that we know
Live inside a Rainbow!

Our kinder class rainbow is special; And not just because it's different or because it's in 3D. It's special because I taught these very same kiddos when they were just three years old. At that time, they each took part in a whole weeks worth of color crafts to make this rainbow.

Each day, we learned about a new color and each day, we created a fun and Yes, colorful craft.

We stipple painted the seeds onto our felt strawberries for red. 

We painted and pinched toilet paper rolls orange, then glued green zig-zag ribbon for leafy greens at the top to look like freshly harvested carrots. 

We glued green pom~pons on the inside of die~cut edamame. 

We mosaic tiled the wings of blue jays for blue. 

We washi~taped the feathers of fabric canaries for yellow. 

And we matched symmetrical buttons on butterfly wings for purple.

To be able to hang the very same rainbow (including a very special sponge~painted bear) in my now, kinder classroom and have the privilege of teaching the very same cutie pies once again is quite unique!  I will remember them always :) 

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