07 July 2015

Five Fun Ways To Keep Summer Sensational

"I'm bored! What can I do?" 

If you hear this question asked during your child's summer break, below are five fun ways to keep that boredom in the sun at bay.

As most school’s are out for some fun in the sun summer vacation, keeping our little one’s active and engaged in between big summer plans becomes more important every day. 

With children of my own, I am constantly thinking up new ways to engage my two little girls. Here are a few ideas to spark them into action during those “off” days in between travel trips and summer camps...

1. Craft It Up 

There are so many activities to choose from depending on your children’s interests. If they’re interested in art. Grab a ten-pack of mini-canvases from the craft store, some paint brushes & a water color palette & you're set. Children have a wonderful imagination for creating some fun abstract art they will be proud to display.

2. Draft It Up

We found some colored sidewalk chalk at our local dollar store & set to work right outside in the driveway. The kids created oodles of doodles which lasted for days out sharing with the world.

3. Get Your Game On

The kids cracked open some of our oldest and favorite game boards like “The Game of Life”, “Clue Junior”, “Mexican Train”, “Monopoly” & “Beat The Parents”. We had an absolute BLAST playing with each game. It is always educational & above all memorable!

4. Explore

Lace up those tennis shoes or hiking boots! It’s time to get out there and explore! We’ve been almost everywhere on our bicycles and by foot. Finding the coolest trails and sights to see have been super exciting for the kids. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your kids, join in with friends, make new discoveries and get some great exercise!

5. Keep It Fresh

I’ll probably come across as the worst mom in the world, but I have my children work out one page of math once a week. I want them to maintain all that they’ve learned, but haven’t quite mastered all the way and math concepts are no exception. Keeping them sharp and fresh is my goal in maintaining those skills most recently taught until they’ve made their way into their long term memory banks.

Get the most out of your time spent with your family. Children LOVE when that quality time is spent with them! It helps them to grow, learn, develop and most of all, feel special. 

Enjoy the summer!

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