30 April 2016

Get Your Craftivity On - A Flower Filled Mother's Day Card

This sweet little teacup card will bring the biggest smiles to our mother's hearts.

We used our template, a 2 1/2 " Circular Puncher, Green Construction Paper Cut Strips, Yarn & A Variety of Colorful Flower/Clover Punched Construction Paper Shapes.

Click the image below for the template link to make your own.

14 March 2016

All The Colors That We Know Live Inside A Rainbow

My students are over the rainbow with our latest STEAM Station! 

I have filled this center with many hands on rainbow task card activities. Each activity provides hands on discovery & creativity with a variety of media.

Our STEAM Station Rainbow Task Cards are available for free in our Tpt store.

18 January 2016

Are You Ready For Some Football???

My kinders and I are so fired up and ready for some football !!!

In the midst of all the excitement over our team favorites, we were put to the task of recognizing and writing our number words in math. While there are a number of kiddos who are "number word" swarthy and can take on almost any number given to them, there are still a few who can benefit from that little extra practice and exposure.

So I put together a set of cards with numbers and another set that includes their corresponding number words to reinforce our little number-word-lexicons. 

This turf load of football fun includes two recording sheets and carries on up from number one to twenty-five.

I'm very excited to incorporate some of my very own quirky created clip art which may slightly resemble some of the most favorite football teams out there. {*wink*wink*}

If you would like to kick-off with my Super Bowl Number Word Match Up math center while it's available for free,

click on the image below.

Thank you & may the best team win!